There are many countries, traditions, rituals that communicate with Spirits, worship Nature and explore invisible universe. Mongolia is one of the biggest country that keep shaman tradition in the world. Some explorer said Mongolia is mother country of Shaman or notion of Shaman originated from Mongolia. But every society has own religion or ritual. Certainly Mongolia is essential part of world shaman and one of the country that thousand shamans has been practicing and living for thousands years. 

Mongolian Shaman is ancestor and natural spiritual communicator. They communicate with their ancestor’s spirit who lived many years ago and worship Heaven Father and Mother Earth, get power from them. They have ability to possess natural power and Heaven’s power. They can heal the people, influence human life, society, state-country, and has ability to destroy or recover anything for good purpose. 

They communicate with his ancestor spirit who live in Heaven with his memory, all knowledge, and experience and ancestor’s spirits will give his speech to us. Ancestor spirits also can tell about true history that we don’t know. That is the main point. The Mongolian shaman’s heart core is Spirit understanding. We can’t see spirit. But spirit exists. 

We humans consist of "flesh and spirit". When we die our flesh absorbed in earth, but our spirit will continue to live. Spirit contains all his memory, information when he or she live as human. Good spirits live in Heaven bad spirits live under world. In other words if people live wrong, their spirit will go to the Underworld after his death. If people live right their spirit live in heaven after death. That is rule. So the basic understanding of Mongolian shamanism is Spirit. If you want to know more about Shaman you need to know Spirit. Without spirit knowledge you never understand Shaman. This is Mongolian Shaman.

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