“The Mother Earth” International Shaman Festival in Mongolia (Guideline)

“The Mother Earth” International Shaman Festival Guideline

Purpose: “The Mother Earth” International scientific conference and shaman gathering is dedicated to share and spread the knowledge and skills of sustainable livelihood according to the law of nature. 

Brief Agenda:

· Sep 21, 2015. “The Mother earth” scientific conference both shamans and scientific scholars are invited to make presentations within the theme “Air, Water, Soil”. Since these three are the most basic elements of life, presentations are to compare the current situation (air pollution, climate change, mineral exploitation etc) with what they are supposed to be in order to efficiently support all life forms on earth.

· Sep 22, 2015. “Dear mother earth” shamanic ceremony and rituals International shamanic ceremony to soothe and protect the mother earth will start at Horse hour (11.40) and continue till Dog hour (21.40). During the ceremony, terms such as 99 tengers, 5 continents (Lus, Savdag, Hurmast, Erleg, Tam), which are used in Mongolian shamanism, shall be explained and proper methods to approach them shall be introduced as were taught by Ancestors spirits. International attendance from France, Sweden, Mexico, Switzerland and Kazakhstan has been confirmed, and organizers are happy to host those shamans from other countries who are interested. 

· Sep 23, 2015. The World shamans who invited in this ceremony will practice their ceremony. Also
 Mini Naadam Festival, consisted of traditional wrestling, archery and horse racing, to celebrate the successful completion of the ceremony, shall take place. 

· Sep 24, 2015. Travel to the countryside of Mongolia. 

Date: September 21-23, 2015

Venue: Scientific conference in Ulaanbaatar city. Shamanic ceremony in Selenge aimag, near Noyon Mountain. 
Registration: tengermongolgazar@yahoo.com. Web: www.tengermongolgazar.mn     
Organizers: Mongol Tenger Unen NGO Gerliin Urguu group Co-organizers: World Shamanic Union 
Sponsors: Governor’s office of Mandal soum, Selenge aimag, Regional council of Selenge aimag

Event link://www.facebook.com/events/923509074337875/

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